Disaster Management and fire Safety


Disaster Management training centre and Fire Safety Training | Pentasafe. Long response me Short response me No response me.Impact of disasters on different second of rural people has three phases:
1. Impact phase: stages. Pre-impact/response  Forecast, Early warning , Preparedness , Tracking / monitoring approach of  disaster,  Alertness/ evacuation.  Impact Close monitoring of impact; establishing emergency communication; deploying rescue teams; medical support and  other life-saving activities. Supply  Medical care Estimating loss of    life and property Disposal Repair and restoration of essential services / infrastructure. Disaster Management training centre and Fire Safety Training | Pentasafe.

2. Relief and rehabilitation phase Safe construction for houses / strict implementation of safety codes Hazard-proof roads, bridges, canals, water reservoirs, power transmission lines, etc. Flood-protection measures Improvement of warning systems Organizing people for counter-disaster activities. Disaster Management training centre and Fire Safety Training | Pentasafe.


Module subjects are as follows:
Module A: Orientation / Organization – Safety – Communication – Building Construction -Fire Behavior SCBA – Portable Extinguishers – Ropes and Knots

Module B: Fire Ground Search & Rescue -Fire Hose / Appliances – Firefighter Survival  -Venation -Forcible Entry – Water Supply Ladders – Nozzles and Streams – Apparatus Familiarization – Fire Control / Suppression – Wild land Firefighting

Module C: Loss Control – Preserving Evidence – Fire Detection/Alarms – Fire Prevention/Public Education – Hazardous Materials Awareness – Technical Rescue, Awareness.


1 Day

Course Load
7 Hours

10 am to 6 pm

per class
20 students


This course provides the lecture and practical training toward Basic Operations Firefighter Certification by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Topics discussed include nozzles and streams, water supply, forcible entry, ladders, hose and appliances, ventilation used in facilitation. Disaster Management training centre and Fire Safety Training | Pentasafe

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